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Demonic Riddle is Demonic?

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It looks like Demonic Riddle map from Challenge pack is giving a hard time some of you. As far as I know, it was solved only 4 times.

I’ve provided small hint to make it little bit easier. Four tiles are shown in correct locations, don’t look if you want to keep the challenge.

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Battery problem solved

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Yesterday a TM.Lazor patch release v1.6.2 was uploaded to Google Market and SlideMe Market. I strongly recommend updating.

Patch solves battery usage issues by disabling some of the animations. You can manually enable laser animation but this will increase battery drain. New version has also reduced size of application a little by some cleanup and separation of assets.

It will take longer for this update to reach Samsung Market as it has stronger and longer application validation process.

TM.Lazor high battery usage

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It came to our knowledge that animations in TM.Lazor game are using way too much energy, draining battery fast. Please disable animation in settings screen (laser and animations) to reduce power consumption until a new version is released (current version with problem is 1.6.0).

Unfortunately from the first analysis it looks like problem is inherent to Android way of animating objects so most of them will have to go.

Sorry about drained battery!