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We are alive

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So is the game. I am working on a extension to the original, unfortunately the motivation is not that high as the no-ad program was not instant success :)

Nevertheless, there is a light in a tunnel for fans of puzzle games. Something new is coming. Maybe not soon, but it is.

Added possibility to remove Ads in Laser Enigma

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Title says it all, it is now possible to remove ads in-app, using in-app purchase. Just update the game.

All proceeds will go for new map development :)

When I receive 10 purchases, 10 maps will be added, 100 purchases and who knows how many maps added!

Go buy! :)

Working on new map pack

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I just want you to know, we are working on a new pack, in addition to some brand new features.

Thanks for sending new maps! If you send a solution in addition to map it will be much more probable that map will be included :)

I am working alone here and don’t have unlimited time to solve maps, or to find out if it is solvable at all :)


TM Laser Enigma chosen ‘Best App of the day’

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I was very pleased to find out that my game was chosen as a app of the day in the Best Apps Market! See attached screenshot of a widget of this market.


Map Editor is live!

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Map editor was added to the official TM Laser Enigma game, for free.

Have fun creating new maps and remember, you can upload them to server and they might get included in next addon pack (if they’re any good :) )

You will have to solve a few maps to get it, and then new map pack ‘My Maps’ will appear where you can create and edit maps…

Enigma Map Editor is in beta testing

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TM Laser Enigma reached top 15 in Top Brain & Puzzle games, I promised map editor when it reaches top 10 but started working on it earlier and it is in a shape to do some beta test.

You can see map editor guide to check out how it looks currently.

Soon I will release it in Google Play.

If you want to be included in beta test, leave a comment with email on editor’s page, or send email to support. You have to be able to install apk manually (it will integrate with Google Play, so no lost progress in game).

5000 downloads mark passed

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Well, maybe it’s not much compared to millions of other apps, but I think it’s a good sign.

Thank you all for downloading and (I hope) enjoying my game.

It’s still in about 22nd position in top-brain games (for Polish region at least).


TM Laser Enigma is now 40th best game on Google Play

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In the Free Brain & Puzzle Games category :)

Nevertheless, this is a success, thank you.

Free Brain & Puzzle on Google Play

Screenshot attached , who knows how long it will last.

TM Laser Enigma Top 40

Laser Enigma enjoys good reception at launch

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I’m happy to report that Laser Enigma has broken 1000 downloads mark  in about 4 days (total from all markets), which for me is a good sign.  There was a very positive review in leading polish android portal published.

Few bugs were fixed in latest 2.0.5 version, there is still an outstanding issue with ICS and HTC Sensation so if you happen to have this phone please report problems and they will get solved. Unfortunately I don’t have such device and on ICS emulator everything works just fine…

As usual, please rate 5 starts on Google Play, if you don’t think Enigma deserves 5 stars, tell me about it!

TM Laser Enigma – new game released

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I have just released new game, TM Laser Enigma.

Get it on Google Play: TM Laser Enigma. More markets will follow.

It is based on a previous one with a major change – various laser colors. What looks like a simple change in reality adds new, unexpected levels of complexity and puzzle types to solve. There are multiple laser colors, colors can be combined, spilt into base red-green-blue components and they have to point to correct receivers.

New tiles were added, new 100 maps made, there is even an bonus for installing TM.Lazor alongside the new TM Laser Enigma

Whole graphics set was redesigned, I hope you will like it.