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And another two years

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Time flies!

I’m still not motivated enough ;)

Oh, two years already?

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Really? Two years passed? In the meantime I’ve added 100 new levels to paid version but no new big something was released. Motivate me! Who knows what future holds.

I’m sorry if the game is starting to get old and quirky on new hardware. I don’t really have possibility to track and fix new issues in now ancient code :(

Thanks for support anyway!

Well, take a look, TM Laser Enigma is 30th best puzzle game in the world :)

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I’m really flattered, 149th position in ‘Top Games’ – all games, is really anĀ achievementĀ I wasn’t expecting.

Whats even more vivid, 4th place in New Brain games.

Nonetheless, I cannot see effect of those positions on download count so I guess it’s just to build up my ego :)

Thanks again.

Facebook fan page for TM Laser Enigma is up!

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So I’ve succumbed to might of FB and there it is, fan page of my latest game.

Like it! :)

TM Laser Enigma on FB

TM.Lazor – android logic game released

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This is our first game and it was released to public in december 21, 2011.