Map Editor

Map editor is in a closed-beta stage. Not everything is finished.

Right now you can create a map for yourself and send it to server for me to see. In the future I will include best maps in some kind of ‘users pack’.

Below you can find explanation how to use it as it is not completely clear in it’s current state. If I get positive feedback (critical positive feedback too) I will work upon it to make it more and more useful.

Walk through

To use map editor, you have to solve 30 maps. This ensures that you know enough about game to construct your own maps.

You enter map editor by going to ‘My Maps’ pack.

Then you press ‘Create New Map’ button


Then it gets more complicated.

On this screen you provide:

  • name – how the map will be shown in list
  • difficulty – your subjective feel, how difficult a map is to solve
  • rows / columns – how large a map will be. Please be aware that very large maps will not be easily playable (tile size too small)

After you press ‘Create’, you will be taken to Edit Mode of your new map.

Here a very important button is at the bottom of the screen. It shows list of elements that you can drag-drop on your map.

You can place as many elements as you need.

You can change color of laser / receiver / filter by long-dragging element (you long press element and drag it a little – I will fix this later). Using this menu you can delete the tile (or just drag empty tile over it).

After you are finished, you can go to play mode by using Android menu button.

In this menu there are also other critical functions:

  • Send Map – this sends map to my server so I can see it (overwrites previous)
  • Send Solution – this sends map to server marking it as ‘solved’ state
  • Rename – allows to rename map, set difficulty level
  • Reset Map – resets elements to position from last save
  • Edit Mode – reenter edit mode, when map is opened in play mode
  • Play Mode – leave edit and play
  • Save – saves map, it will also be saved when leaving screen /edit mode / etc

PS. I am not a lawyer, but be informed that by uploading map to my server you give me license to do whatever I want with it.

PS2. In preferences, you can set username, which will be attached to each map you create. Currently it is not presented anywhere but in the future, who knows…

My basic workflow

When working with maps, I follow more less pattern described below, you may find it useful.

  1. Create a new map
  2. Put tiles on map in solved state (so you can see that it can be solved)
  3. Make a screenshot
  4. Move tiles to ‘unsolved’ state
  5. Save
  6. Wait 2 days
  7. Play and try to solve your own map, if you cannot, see screenshot from step 3. If it’s trivial, go to step 2 and fix it.
  8. Send map to server (menu)
  9. Edit map and move elements to ‘solved’ state
  10. Send solution to server (menu)

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