TM Laser Enigma

Laser reflection logic game. Solve the map puzzles by guiding a laser beam.

Download from Google Play: TM Laser Enigma

Various items on the map can be moved and rotated to change the beams path. It’s your task to place them in such a way that all receivers are lit.
Maps are hand made, come in increasing level of difficulty and some of them will heavily test your map solving ability.
To add a layer of complexity on more difficult maps laser colors can be combined (e.g. red + green = yellow) or split.

Key features:
– Pure logic game
– More than 100 hand made puzzles
– Extra maps can be downloaded online
– 20+ items to use on maps
– From simple to very difficult puzzles to solve
– Laser colors can be combined and split
– Custom music made for the game
– OpenFeint integrated (can be disabled), 20+ achievements
– Free

TM Laser Enigma is an evolution of initial laser reflection concept (TM.Lazor) where only 1 color of the laser was present. If multicolor looks too difficult at first, try out TM.Lazor and train your skills. There is an in game bonus for installing it too.

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